We’re Back! And We Brought a Few Pounds With Us…

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts lately, but my Fatty Sister and I were bringing our fatty funness to the big city of ATL! We began our traveling Thursday, the 12th, and returned just yesterday at 9 p.m.! Oh my dear fatties do I have stories for you! However, if I told you all of our fatty adventures in just one blog I would take up at least 4 pages worth! So instead, I have decided to break up our adventures into segments based on the days we were there.

Day #1 – Thursday – The Journey

We left for ATL Thursday, bright and early at 9 a.m. We our snacks right in the floor-board and ready to go for our 5-hour journey and boy could we not wait to break into those bad boys! About an hour into our trip I noticed the big “W” on the box of my favorite salty snack was peeking out from the top of the Dollar General plastic bag. Those bad boys were not going to last long once I started in on them…okay more like the only lasted about another hour before I had devoured every last whale, crumbs included. I just couldn’t resist! Not only did I fall to the persuasive hand of the Whales, but I then began to chow down on some chocolate covered pretzels, generic brand, but equally as satisfying. As I laid back in the passenger seat of Fatty Katy’s little Civic feeling slightly accomplished, but more a victim of gluttony, she suggested that we have lunch. It was 12 o’clock after all! Trust me, this little belly still held room for a little taco bell!

We fed our mouths with fake-Mexican goodness and continued on our way to the great city of Atlanta! Around 2:15 p.m. we arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house with already slightly hungry stomachs. After getting settled in and watching television for a while, we were ready for dinner…at another Mexican restaurant, Tapas style. Now I, as you may or may not know, am a very picky eater. No condiments, no sauces, no toppings (exception, ice cream), no nothing. PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN! This means that there was little for me to eat there besides the chips, no salsa, and plainnn steak bites and fried calamari crispies. Yes, my uncle and aunt had a lot of fun with that, seeing it as unusual. So I ate the overall least amount of food compared to the other three at the table, however…let’s just say that little mixture of plainness was not so agreeable at 2:30 that night.

So overall my first night in ATL was slightly unsuccessful, though I still had fun being with my family. Note to self: NO MORE NOCHE! Stay plain my friends. Oh wait…and fatty!

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey





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