Sweet Emergency!

Oh hello my darling fatties! I’m so sorry I didn’t write yesterday, but don’t worry, it’s not because I’ve been on some random health-kick because I most certainly have not. I’ve been indulging in my favorite…cookies! Thanks to my darling Nana who provided me with a package of Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies, I have been staying successfully fatty. Today I even managed to eat a chicken sandwich, fries, and a Coke from Wendy’s, and several hours later return to the fastfood scene to order a large Sprite from McDonalds! VICTORY! Only now, as I watch “Kendra”, am I really craving something sweet. If only I had thought of this before 9 o’clock! IGA is now closed! NOOO! In the comments section, please leave me ways of how to compensate for my sweet tooth. It’s an emergency people! Thanks fatties 🙂

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey


About Kelsey Erin

I'm releasing the filing cabinet within my brain to the world. It can be found here. If I'm thinking it, odds are you'll know. Odds are you can relate.
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