Fatty Coma

Today as I walked through Wal-Mart with my father, I looked down and noticed that my stomach was pooching a little more than normal. I proceeded to say, “Well heck, there’s so much food in there people probably think I’m pregnant.” My dad then proceeded to offer up a sensible explanation, “That’s what happens you eat out almost every day.” This happened to hold true. Over the course of this last week I have consumed several fast food meals, excessive amounts of Coke (which might I add is delicious), at least 3 ice cream cones from McDonalds, an appetizer meal at Logan’s Roadhouse, and a nice lunch from Olive Garden. I personally have no problem indulging in countless Fatty foods back-to-back for seven days straight. My belly however, feels a little differently. I couldn’t even finish the hamburger and baked potato that was cooked for dinner! I know I generally encourage the enjoyment of ANYTHING unhealthy, but today my fellow Fatty’s, I have hit rock bottom.

Oh, who are we kidding!? That’s impossible! I mean sure, I may have over-stepped by boundaries and slipped into a small Fatty-coma, but everyone has their moments right? I sure hope so! From those crispy potato skins and mozzarella sticks to my all-time favorite cheese-ravioli, I certainly have enjoyed every meal I’ve eaten this week and that’s exactly how a Fatty should feel on a Saturday evening. Perfectly content and satisfied with your week of food. What were your favorite meals you ate this week? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll a try a few and even write about them 🙂

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey


About Kelsey Erin

I'm releasing the filing cabinet within my brain to the world. It can be found here. If I'm thinking it, odds are you'll know. Odds are you can relate.
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