A Roller-Coaster of a Fatty Day

Adventures in Fatcastle…

Oh my dear dear Fatties. I come to you today ashamed. Not of my eating habits, no. That could never happened. But ashamed of how I’ve neglected you over the past several days. It is basically a sin to go without writing for you this long. For this, I am genuinely sorry. But now, to apologize, I will tell you about my day, and boy are you going to get a kick out of this. (Probably not, it’s pretty much the same thing that happens every single day of my life.)

My best friend, Kellan “Wellan” Coffey slumbered at my house last night for we have not had any friendship bonding in forever. This has nothing to do with my Fatty story, I just thought I would tell you about it since I rarely giver her any publicity. Any who, we both attended the Sweet 16 of a friend of ours. My favorite part, naturally, was the dessert time. Cupcakes instead of cake is always an excellent way to go in case anyone was wondering. I delighted myself in merely 3/4 of my own due to the fact of how sweet it was! Delicious action #1 in the last 24 hours was a win, and let me tell you, it didn’t hurt that the icing was UK blue and white 🙂

This morning, I did my usual activity of taking my mom to work so I could have something to drive, came home, took a nap, took my smelly brother to football, and returned home once more. Soon breakfast was upon me and all I could see in our pantry was a fresh package of Double-Stuf Oreos. Talk about HEAVEN! Forget selecting two or three to dunk in my glass of skim-milk, I brought the entire pack in the living room, only to be laughed at and judged by my dear friend. “HOW COULD SHE!?” was all I could think to myself as I indulged and she cackled. No matter, I proudly limited myself to 5 Oreos and the last 2 Chips A’Hoy cookies in our possession. YUMMY! Chocolate breakfast! Delicious action #2 … definite success.

After being quite the sloth that I am, I noticed lunch time had crept up on me no sooner than my last gulp of Oreo sprinkled milk. I headed out to get Subway for my mother and her co-worker, excited that I too would be getting something healthy! I had my sights set on a 6” Roast Beef & Swiss on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. My mouth is salivating at this moment just picturing my tasty treat. Disaster struck only minutes after arriving!!!! I stood in the line, sweating my brains out in the sauna of a Subway, only to see that my favorite worker Quenton was not making sandwiches, but working the cash register! The horror!!! Things were made increasingly worse when I saw who was making my sandwiches! A rather frightening lady who I felt was not in the mood to make friends. I promptly stated the two sandwiches I was sent to purchase and nothing more. Out of fear, I left with two sandwiches rather than the three I’d hoped to return with. No Subway for me! Sweaty palms and stare-downs really get to a girl! Delicious action #3 … FAIL.

I then decided to take my taste-buds elsewhere. KFC looked rather empty and so I ventured through the drive-thru to purchase the new chicken bites along with potato wedges of course! My drink purchase did not make me happy, Pepsi ew, I hate Pepsi products. Not to get off track, I received my meal, along with Kellan’s large macaroni order, and headed home to finally consume my meal. CHICKEN BITE VICTORY! They were the juiciest and most flavorful chicken I had ever eaten from KFC. Definitely a perfect choice. It wasn’t the healthy choice I’d initially opted for, but it definitely was the taste I opted for. Delicious action #4 … VICTORY!

As you can see, I had quite a roller-coaster of a Fatty day. Now my Fatty friends, I must go to basketball practice to work all of this off! A girl’s gotta keep her figure in check somehow right? Eh, not really I don’t guess. Let me know what your favorite fast food treat is and if something has ever gone drastically wrong in your adventure to indulge! And definitely go check out those new KFC chicken bites! Delicious!

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey


About Kelsey Erin

I'm releasing the filing cabinet within my brain to the world. It can be found here. If I'm thinking it, odds are you'll know. Odds are you can relate.
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