Healthy Kick Goes Down-Hill Quick

Rolling Around Fatington…

Well folks, I haven’t blogged in the past couple of days because I’ve been keeping up with my healthy food regime. I eat a yogurt granola bar for breakfast, the Quaker brand strawberry version is to die for, and pack a sandwich and wheat thins/ triscuits for lunch. This is a very hard thing to accomplish when you work at the mall. The temptations of all my co-workers’ food wafting through my nose in the break room is making me have conniptions. While I eat my ham and cheese sandwich and my whole wheat crackers I can only fantasize on a nice juicy hamburger or some greasy, crunchy tater tots. Being a fatty, aka unhealthy person, is super easy, but when it comes to constantly eating a sandwich and other similar things is a definite struggle.

However, I can’t always stick to my health snacks and food. We all have slip ups, but my so called “slip up” was premeditated, well some of it. As I was laying in bed last night I thought to myself, yummy…I love Chinese food. The fried rice with soy sauce and Bourbon chicken is simply mouthwatering. I decided to change my alarm so I could sleep 5 extra minutes and bite the bullet to eat lunch at the food court on my break. I took a yogurt granola bar to work as usual to eat in the morning for a light breakfast. Then, Andrew, my roommate’s boyfriend and also my co-worker, asked if I wanted to go to the Chinese buffet with them that night. How could I pass a buffet? Seriously! Not only is food court Chinese very appetizing, but imagine multiple trays of yummy juicy, sweet or sour or spicy chicken all for me and my persnickety pallet. But, that left me in a predicament for lunch. Sure, I could have had Subway for lunch, but what fun is that after I was already going to feast at a delicious buffet later that evening? So, what’s the next best option? Sonic. I settled for a nice breakfast burrito filled with crunchy bacon, crisp tator tots, fluffy egg, and creamy spicy cheese. It was the perfect combination of crunchy and warm and gooey all melted into a burrito. My day of unhealthy goodness could not have started out any better.

The Chinese restaurant was everything I could ask for and more! Plates upon plates of every flavor chicken a girl could imagine. General Tso, spicy chicken, peppered stake, honey chicken, onion chicken, and chicken flavors I’ve never even heard of filled my plate along with fried rice and noodles. I was proud of myself when I only limited myself to 2 full plates with chicken and steak heaped upon each one. Of course I had to finish off with a nice bowl of chocolate/vanilla swirled ice cream. It was a great ending to a perfect junk food day. I feasted and feasted upon heavenly unhealthiness and it was all worth it. Maybe if I would have had time for a run in between stuffing my face with grease filled food I wouldn’t feel so bad about it. Haha…just kidding.

Love & Chips,

Fatty Katy


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I'm releasing the filing cabinet within my brain to the world. It can be found here. If I'm thinking it, odds are you'll know. Odds are you can relate.
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1 Response to Healthy Kick Goes Down-Hill Quick

  1. Susan says:

    Wow…so impressed with you taking your lunch to work! Surrounded by Chik-fil-A, Sbarro, and the Great Steak Company is my nightmare/food fantasy. lol Love your all’s blog, K&K!

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