My One True Love (Thanks Uncle Brian!)

Adventures In Fatcastle…

I would like to dedicate this blog post to my Uncle Brian! He makes the BEST Oreo dessert I think I’ve ever had. So you can go ahead and assume that this post is about just that…my one true weakness…cookies of course! But what happens when you mix scrumptious Oreo cookies with a bunch of ingredients that I only know as addicting? You get a big round paper plate full of sweet sweet deliciousness. And that’s just what I got tonight.

When I first arrived at my Grandmother’s house for our late 4th of July celebration the first thing that registered was the fact that my Uncle Brian’s car was not in the driveway. “Maybe he’s just on his way,” I thought to myself. Then, as I sprawled out on the couch preparing to take a little cat nap before dinner, I overheard my mother and Aunt Lisa speaking about how he and his family were on vacation! What!? Vacation!? This planned family event where I’m obviously expecting my Oreo dessert and he’s on vacation!? You can only imagine the grumbling sorrows coming from my dessert-deprived tummy. I WAS DEVASTATED! Until dinner time approached…

When we all entered the kitchen to fill our plates with steak, macaroni, and broccoli casserole, my Aunt Lisa began telling us probably the greatest news I’d heard…Uncle Brian sent the dessert via my aunt for all of us to enjoy! AHHHHHH! It was as if the angels in Heaven were singing a glorious tune to the sound of the words coming out of her mouth. I was delighted! I scarfed down my dinner then immediately went to grab a plate STACKED with my one true love. Within seconds of devouring it I felt like I was ready to go into a coma. And sure enough, that is what I am about to do. Thank your marvelous family members who make wonderful desserts and tell me what your one true love & favorite family made dish is. Stay fatty my friends.

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey

Oreo Dessert

Oreo Dessert … Yummy Yummy!


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