Pinterest Treat Success! (Just Ask My Mom)

Adventures In Fatcastle…

Oh yeah! You read that title correctly, I did succeed at something today! And yes … it was healthy! At least I think so anyway. Thanks to that wonderful website sent from heaven that we earthlings like to call “Pinterest”, I got the idea to make a little something with a mere 3 ingredients. Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips + Crescent Rolls = Healthy Kelsey! Now, you may be asking yourself…”Seriously Fatty Kelsey? There’s no way THAT can be healthy!” Well my friends…you’re probably correct. However, only one of them did fill me up for the morning! Peanut butter is healthy, crescents are semi-healthy, and chocolate chips…well…they were miniatures and chocolate is good for your heart right!? Yep, that’s what I’m telling myself!

So I took the rest of my tasty treats to my parents at work…obviously they loved them! Next time you’re reluctant to try a Pinterest recipe, just go for it and hope for the best! Oh yeah, and start out simple like I did; 3  ingredients, I mean come on! Toooo easy! My next piece of advice though is to not follow that nice job well done with a large fry and large Cokey from McDonalds … it will come back to haunt you my friend! So take that leap of faith and try a healthy…or just make yourself believe it is…Pinterest recipe! They will change your life! Or maybe they won’t but hey…I’m not fortune teller.

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Crescents


About Kelsey Erin

I'm releasing the filing cabinet within my brain to the world. It can be found here. If I'm thinking it, odds are you'll know. Odds are you can relate.
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