Subway is THE Way

Rolling Around Fatington…

It’s not easy living the life of a mall employee in a world where you’re trying to eat healthy. The endless chains of greasy fried food, knock-off Asian cuisine, and rubbery waffle fries are not always that easy to turn down when you’ve been on the clock for 5 hours without food. The food court aromas seem to waft around you as soon as you step foot in the food court. Your head keeps spinning and spinning, the fatty, oily temptations seem to pull you in every direction. So, how is it possible to even steer clear of each and every one of these flashy fast-food chains?

The temptation of grabbing a greasy bite to eat started at a rockin’ 9am this morning. I had to be at work 10 which is an early start considering I’ve been sleeping in until at least 11am lately. Not only was my mind NOT used to risin’ and shinin’ this early, but my stomach wasn’t either. As I got into my car, I couldn’t help but think how great some Wendy’s breakfast burritos sounded with a nice Cokey on the side. However, remembering that I didn’t need to start off the day with a grease-filled stomach, I decided to pull off at a gas station and grab a nice granola bar and a V-8 splash. Granted, the drink still contains high amounts of sugar, but it was definitely better than my prior drink choice. Fatty Sister-1 Unhealthy food-0.

My next obstacle came at around 2:30pm when I had to decide what to eat for lunch. I didn’t have time to pack a nice sandwich and carrots with apples for lunch, so I had to settle for the dreaded food court. Looking around I spotted a nice little Subway chain that resembled semi-healthy food choices. I put my head down and acted like I was texty-texting on my phone so I could avoid the Chinese hot spots handing out “free samples of Bourbon Chicken”, taking note that this is my main weakness, give or take some General Tso’s. After several dodges of “free samples”, I reached the Subway destination. Finally, a Chicken Teriyaki sandwich on wheat bread with a water and some baked chips. After all, how healthy can a girl be?

Love & Chips,

Fatty Katy

Adventures in Fatcastle…

Today I am proud to say that I have conquered the demon that is junk food! Oh who are we kidding … no I didn’t! I was quite pleased with myself when I woke up this morning and of course went and sat on the couch, only instead of pondering the salty snacks that could envelop my taste buds, I had my sights set on one of the most addicting sites to date…Pinterest. Scrolling through the food category I saw countless meals that I’m sure would qualify as healthy to experiment with. Unfortunately though, my search for healthy yet delicious ideas was to no avail. I picked through the pins for an hour and a half, only to resort to a 90 calorie can of Coke. Fatty Fail #1 for today and I’m just getting warmed up.

Did I mention by this point it’s lunch time? Like 1:00 in the afternoon lunch time. A girl’s got to eat! Fortunately my darling mother was beckoning for a little pick me up while she was at work. Naturally I think “Yes! Free fast food!” I drove as quickly as that speed limit would take me to get the order and go. Surprising though, was the location where I would find my fat-deprived body. Next thing I know, I’m at Subway! You can imagine my victory dance as I sprinted through the door to take in a whole new world of healthy. “A sandwich!” I thought to myself. What could be healthier than a sandwich, freshly made in front of you, while YOU get to select the details! Well, I’m giving myself points for getting a 6-inch roast beef & provolone on Italian Herbs and Cheese, because at least it didn’t have the grease content of a McDonald’s hamburger; I even passed on the extra salt! And then, like it was meant to be, the love of my life appeared before me as I approached the cash register.

What was it that was making my mouth water simply by ogling the oh-so-close piece of heaven? Nothing less of course, than fresh, gooey double chocolate chip cookies; how could I resist!? That’s right, I couldn’t. I counteracted what I thought was an extremely good deed for myself by purchasing my weakness; only, it doesn’t end there. Not only did I purchase this cookie, intending to eat it AFTER my somewhat healthy lunch, I found it just sitting there on my plate staring into my soul, begging me to take a bite. You can only guess what comes next. Beginning with the crunchy outer rim, I made my way to the soft, melt-in-your-mouth center. One bite into my health accomplishment and I threw it all away for the forbidden fruit that was oh so sweet. Did I forget to mention that I washed it all down with a large Coke from Wendy’s? Fatty Fail #2. I can’t even imagine what other Fatty Fails I’m going to encounter in the next 3 hours, but I’d rather stop now to save myself the humiliation. Go eat those sandwiches girls and don’t fall for the wily temptress that is unhealthy but extremely happy food…or do.

Love & Cookies,

Fatty Kelsey


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I'm releasing the filing cabinet within my brain to the world. It can be found here. If I'm thinking it, odds are you'll know. Odds are you can relate.
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  1. Wow…this is a really entertaining post! Thanks for sharing your fatty-food stories 🙂

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